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Call a Real Friend

Say Whaat??

A smartphone for doggies???

Let's be honest, separating from your

So... Yes! A phone, with a real number, that you can call your doggie, spend time together listening to their cute snores, play a game, listen to music or have a wellbeing moment! And when your pooch wants to say something, our AI will pick it and will let you know! 

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A world of playful engagement

Calls & Messaging

Gaming, Music & Wellbeing

Health & Training

The Pawsitive smartphone for doggies comes as a dedicated boutique harness developed in partnership with DogSnug. 

It includes a communication module that sends sounds and haptics between you and your pup through a phone and internet line.

How does it work?

You Good Boy!

The doggie will send you voice or text sms. For example 'I just woke up', or 'Let's play'... Cause that's what friends do,no?

Send touch/haptic emojis. Make your doggie feel the best. They deserve it!

Call your pooch, cause it’s fun, just like we hang out with our friends on a call.


Texting and calling- choose your favorite!